from hard stone

A thousand years passed when man used sharp glass stone for defense and hunting.

No one knows the name of the man, who made colorful dishes, jewel beads or beautiful earrings by cutting glass stone 5000 years ago, but it doesn’t matter who was that man, the point is he was the founder of the industry that provides us peace, light, beauty of the houses and modern technologies nowadays.

The Float Glass process was invented by the Crown method around 2600 years ago, in thickness and width with different size of pieces. It took centuries; that the cylinder method drives into society from Monopoly of palaces. Less than two centuries Sheet method was invented in result of that, the use of flat glass extended generally. Float process has been around for over 50years and with a mass production, brings us lights and brightness of the sun.

Ardakan Glass Corporation takes advantage of the latest float technological advancements, which based on the efforts of energetic young and knowledgeable staff. Due to this issue, the factory determined by this development of technology and various productions of goods related to float glass industry, can supply the needs of domestic along the Global Growth to take the effective step for the posterity.