Ardakan Architect Glass Industry Factory

Ardakan Architect Glass Industry Factory


Ardakan Float Glass Company is proud to build the largest collection of glass processing for the production of architectural glass; the first step in the major industrialized countries, to create beautiful changes in Architecture of Iran.

We believe that modern architecture is in need of new ideas, and new ideas to create new materials and supply needs. Ardakan architectural Glass corporation is the collection of architectural glass industry that combining the methods of working with glass, Including acid etching on glass, applied ceramic and organic coating, printing on glass, sandblast, silver and etc. It is possible that new ideas interior architects and architects to turn the dream into action.

The products of Ardakan architectural glass Company can be used to create beautiful space and views. In hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, department stores and a residential lobby entrance, interior architecture, and administrative units, exhibitions, museums, etc.

Architectural glass can be found in partition walls, decorative wall panels, or as a doors or windows and at last the work surfaces and base tables.

your dreams came true by our hands. we believe that our joint efforts can turn the architect's dreams into reality.