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A thousand years passed when man used sharp glass stone for defense and hunting. No one knows the name of the man, who made colorful dishes, jewel beads or beautiful earrings by cutting glass...
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    Limestone Mine

    Limestone Mine Limestone mine is located at 25 km east of Ardakan Float Glass Factory. Duo to extensive deposit, high purity and homogeneous nature it is considered as one of the best limestone...

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    Dolomite Mine

    Dolomite Mine The dolomite mine is located at 330 km east of Ardakan Float Glass Factory at Tabas District. Ore type of this mine is dolomite with sedimentary origin. The main characteristic of...

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    Feldspar Mine

    Feldspar Mine Feldspar mine is located at 78 km northeast of Ardakan Float Glass Factory at Anjir District. The one content of the mine is Sodium-Potassium feldspar with metamorphic origin and...

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    Silica Mine

    Silica Mine The silica mine is located at 85 km southwest of Ardakan Float Glass Factory at Naein District. The ore content of the mine is unconsolidated sand with sedimentary origin that is...

AFGC Products


Crushing and Dressing Plants Crushing and dressing plant is located on a 200,000 square meter plot with 20000 m2 ground area in the immediate vicinity of the float glass factory. It is consisting of three distinct workshops for producing silica, feldspar, dolomite and limestone powders. The...


As far as you know, high quality along the reasonable price will be the most important goal for the processing plant, therefore the Ardakan Glass Company providing procurement and installation of proper machines, which be able to produce required powder according to the international... Let’s See How It Is Done...


We have the most advanced equipment introduced from famous international manufacturers. State of the art float plant is poised to produce high quality clear, heat absorbing tinted and on-line reflective glass products in thicknesses ranging from 1.9 mm - 19 mm. It is gearing up to cater to the varying needs of the regional and global market.

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The ARDAKAN Float Glass Company (AFGC) in Iran was inaugurated on 18 February 2012 and to export its products to five countries (India, Oman, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey) simultaneously. The AFGC Company has achieved an extensive expertise in float glass products by transferring material to 46 countries in the world, this development leads to...
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